• Hello, the counselors of Wendler Middle School would like to welcome you to the new School Year, and we hope that this school year is a great one for you.  We look forward to meeting each of you.  


    Christine Moss, Department Chair
    8th grade Bering Team Counselor
    Office Phone: 907.742.7431
    Email: moss_christine@asdk12.org
    Bao Vang/Christine Moss
    7th/8th grade Chukchi Team Counselor
    Office Phone: 907.742.7338/907.742.7431
    Email: vang_bao@asdk12.org or moss_christine@asdk12.org
    Bao Vang
    7th grade Beaufort Team Counselor
    Office Phone: 907.742.7338
    Email: gonzales_sally@asdk12.org
    Rosa Luhrs
    Title VI Indian Education Community Counselor
    Office Phone: 907.742.7574
    Email: luhrs_rosa@asdk12.org


    To learn more about our Counseling Program at Wendler, Click her for more information. Thank you!
  • Counseling Services


    Moss - 742-7334

    Gonzales - 742-7338

    Vang - 742-7340

    Luhrs - 742-7574




       Thank you!


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