About ASD iSchool

  • ASD iSchool is a supplemental program within  the Anchorage District that works in conjunction with the district's comprehensive high schools as well as alternative schools to offer asynchronous online options to Anchorage School District High School and 6th grade PreAlgebra students.   

    ASD iSchool offers a wide array of both core and elective classes, most of which are now aligned to Common Core State Standards and are NCAA approved.   As a result, ASD iSchool can  provide a full spectrum of rigorous and engaging courses for students to earn original course credit.

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  • The ASD iSchool Mission is based on the beliefs that:


    • Learning should be dynamic and engaging.
    • Learning should be authentic and be a result of the student’s original work.
    • Students should have choices in how they learn. Students, parents, community, and schools share responsibility for learning.
    • Assessment should provide indicators of student progress, as well as guide future learning.