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  • Ursa Major is very fortunate to have a vibrant and involved parent community.   Active involvement of parents in school is a key asset for students and a strong predictor of academic success.  Involvement in the school spans the continuum from working to maintain a regular dialogue with the classroom teacher about student progress to actively participating in school activities.  The following are some ways to be involved at Ursa Major:


    • Join the PTA:  Ursa Major has a strong PTA that not only raises funds to support school needs but also offers numerous fun and educational activities throughout the year.  Involvement in PTA is great for parents who are able to be at the school throughout the day and for working parents who like to help from home.  You can learn more about Ursa Major's PTA at their Facebook page or by stopping by or emailing ptaursamajor@gmail.com.
    • Communicate with your teacher and attend conferences:  Parent/Teacher communication is critical for helping a child meet the many challenges that learning can present.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with your child's teacher when you have ideas or concerns that can help.  Ursa Major does schedule two formal parent/teacher conferences each year but parents are encouraged to conference whenever a significant need arises.
    • Assist in the Library:  If this is of interest to you, please check with the librarian, Ms. Williams, to learn about opportunities to help out.
    • Help your classroom teacher:  Offering help in the classroom is a great way to be involved.  You should visit with your teacher to determine how best to be of assistance.
    • Watch for special events and calls for help:  Often, throughout the year, we will send requests to parents asking if they can help for various events.  This could include field trips, school clubs, PE activities (like snow shoeing), and many more.  Just sign up and plan on being a part of the fun.
    • Attend School Board Meetings and be an advocate for Education:  Throughout the year, the school and school district offer many opportunities to offer ideas and feedback.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.  Just watch for them in the newsletters as the year progresses.
    • Keep us Informed:  Let us know when you see issues that could affect school safety or performance.  We always appreciate knowing how we can maintain a safer school while offering the best possible experience for students.

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