Community Based Vocational Services

  • Work Maturity Skills Description


    Work Maturity skills are the job-related skills that every person needs in order to be a successful employee. These skills are introduced, taught and reinforced in the classroom as well as on work training sites. A list of 25 skills has been generated and students are responsible for as many of them as possible. Assessments, goals, and evaluations are based on these targeted skills necessary to complete the job assigned.


    WMS Data Collection (for use by district personnel)
    Please enter data each time you support a student at a Community Based Vocational Site. Note: All skills may not apply to each training day. Please enter data for specific skills addressed.


    The ACT Program (Objectives) 

    The ACT program provides students the opportunity to acquire appropriate Daily Living and Independent Living skills in a community-based setting. The expectation is that students will live, work, shop, and play in integrated environments in the community. Students learn to make good purchases, cook, clean and do other daily living tasks and skills. Students participate, independently or with accommodations and supports, in typical activities across a variety of settings.