• Kaladi

    Our cafés serve as hubs in the community for all individuals to come together. We believe that offering groups and individuals a place to meet is another form of being a catalyst for community. We achieve this goal through providing Community Rooms in several of our cafés at no charge.


    One way we contribute time and resources to the community is through participating in a multitude of local events. You’ll find the coffee truck at races, auctions, galas, conventions and many other special events around town. Kaladi Brothers donates everything: The coffee is always on us when you see the community coffee truck at an event. We believe this serves not only to support local causes and events, but more importantly to expose our employees to the needs of our community.


    We donate door prizes, silent auction goods, live auction items, and drip coffee to a multitude of organizations in our community. Although these seem like small donations, over a year’s time this amounts to tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Digication


    Digication is excited to partner with Polaris as they continue to use ePortfolios in innovative ways!  By engaging with the Digication platform, students are able to actively guide their learning process with feedback from their peers, teachers, parents, and community.  Digication looks forward to supporting Polaris students from kindergarten through graduation, and to continue aligning with the Polaris vision in helping students establish themselves as lifelong learners.

  • Alaska Dance Theatre

    Mission Statement 
    Alaska Dance Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest caliber of artistic education for dance and theatre arts for all ages in the state of Alaska.
    School Philosophy
    ADT provides training in a variety of classical ballet styles, including Russian, French and Italian techniques, as well as various contemporary dance styles. Classes are offered for student’s ages 18 months through adult and accommodates both recreational and career pursuits. ADT strives to offer numerous dance styles, and workshops with guest artists and companies. Dance is an artistic and athletic skill. ADT instructors endeavor to help all students learn dance and theatre technique through careful attention to proper alignment, anatomical, and physiological differences.  ADT has a genuine commitment to helping each student realize their greatest potential.