Alternating Block Schedule

  • Polaris offers an Alternating Block Schedule.  The schedule maximizes the use of resources and provides variety, choice, and flexibility for students.  Course blocks span 90 minutes. Students attend their 1/3/5 classes one day and attend their 2/4/6 classes the next day. Classes meet on an alternating basis, every other day. All secondary students attend Advisory daily from 1:35 to 2:05 PM.  High school students are dismissed at 2:05 each day.  Middle school students participate in structured study skills, social emotional learning, career and college exploratory, enrichment classes and/or study hall from 2:10 - 3:00 each day.

  • Benefits of a Rotating Block Schedule:

    • Variety and choice for the whole school year
    • Maximized time given during the school day with extended blocks
    • Courses can be taught for either a semester or full year
    • Students are able to focus on four courses per day
    • Flexibility to explore opportunities for enrichment and student initiated projects