John Stahl, School Counselor

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    Contact Mr. Stahl by emailing him at

    or by calling the school at 742-5360.

    He is at our school every other week. 

The Role of a School Counselor

  • At times parents are confused about the role of a school counselor.  A couselor's day is varied: 


    • 40% of a counselor's time goes toward teaching Social Emotional Learning Skills, (SEL) in classrooms. They use research based curriculum such as Kelso's Choices, (a conflict resolution program), Connected and Respected, Second Step and other lessons from books recommended by the American School Counseling Association, ASCA.

    • 35% a counselor's  time goes toward Responsive Services. This means they respond to the needs of students through consultation, referrals, mediation, support groups, and crisis intervention.
    • 13% of a counselor's time  is given to System Support. This means they engage in activities that enhance the counseling program and the overall educational program.
    • 10% of a counselor's time is allotted for Individual Planning, which means they meet with students and families to assist with personal and educational issues and to assist with the transitions of students.
    • 2% of a counselor's  time is given to non-counseling duties. Counselors contribute as a team member along with their teaching colleagues and staff to assure there is a safe and positive school environment.


    Counselors do therapy within the Anchorage School District.  Counselrs do not deal with discipline. Our principal, Mrs. Packer is the disciplinarian.

Helpful Information for Families