A Counselor's Week

  • At times parents are confused about what my role in the school is. I would like to outline what my duties as a school counselor consist of:


    • 40% of my time goes toward teaching Social Emotional Learning Skills, (SEL) in classrooms. I use research based curriculum such as Kelso's Choices, (a conflict resolution program), Connected and Respected, Second Step and other lessons from books recommended by the American School Counseling Association, ASCA.

    • 35% of my time goes toward Responsive Services. This means I respond to the needs of students through consultation, referrals, mediation, support groups, and crisis intervention.
    • 13% of my time is given to System Support. This means I engage in activities that enhance the counseling program and the overall educational program.
    • 10% of my time is allotted for Individual Planning, which means I meet with students and families to assist with personal and educational issues and to assist with the transitions of students.
    • 2% of my time is given to non-counseling duties. I contribute as a team member along with my teaching colleagues and staff to assure there is a safe and positive school environment.


    I do not do therapy within the Anchorage School District.  I do not deal with discipline. Our principal, Mrs. Packer is the disciplinarian.

Parent Resources

    • Kelso's Choice Diagram - conflict management program we use at Bayshore
    • Who are School Counselors - describes role of school counselors
    • Taking Charge of Anger for children
    • Understanding your middle grader. - grades 5-8
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    • School, Parents & Social and Emotional Learning