• Ursa Major Elementary

    Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

      Please adhere to the following rules at all times for the safety of our students. Cooperation is essential, and appreciated. Please bring patience and courtesy during drop off & pick up times.


    Before School:

    • In the morning, students need to arrive between 8:40 and 8:50. There is no supervision outside the school prior to 8:40 a.m. Children may not be dropped off at school before 8:40 a.m. unless arrangements were made with the child’s teacher or the principal, or they are part of the breakfast program, which begins at 8:30 a.m.
    • Parents are to stay in their vehicle when dropping off students in the designated drop off area in the front of the school (see map). All students will enter the front doors where duty staff direct them to the Multiple Purpose Room (MPR)/Cafeteria to join classroom lines in the back of the building.


    After School:

    • In the afternoon, the line starts forming around 3:20 to pick up students.
    • The dismissal bell rings at 3:30 p.m. All students are released at that time.
    • The only place students are to be picked up is in the designated pick up area in front of the school. Cars can no longer be parked on the street. (See attached map)
    • Students cannot walk to parked cars in the parking lot alone. They must be escorted by an adult.
    • Parents must park their car, and walk into the school to pick up their student if they do not want to use the pick up line.


    New Route and Procedures:

    • To enter the pick up staging area, drive on 6th and turn east onto Dyea Ave. It will not be possible to enter the pick up staging area going west on Dyea Ave. (look for direction signs & MPs)
    • Instead of parking on Dyea Ave, cars will now form a line on the right side of the road. No parking on Dyea Ave at any time.
    • The school will assign and issue each family a unique ‘Family’ number, new families will receive their number.
    • Drivers place the family number (with or without the families last name written below the number) on the passenger’s side sun-visor so it faces out toward the duty staff when the visor is in the down
    • Drivers who do not have a number/name attached to their passenger visor will be asked to park their car and walk inside to pick up their children.
    • A staff member will be posted with a radio and will report the family number to an inside staff member who will notify your child/ren to go out the front doors to be ready to enter the car from the right side.
    • When cars reach the designated pickup/drop off area in the front of the school, children will be there waiting to get into the car.
    • The students can only enter the car when the duty person gives them the direction to do so.
    • All children must enter the car from the right side. If for any reason students are unable to enter the parked car from the right side the driver must leave the car and escort them to the traffic side of the car to enter the car for safety reasons.
    • For flow and safety, we ask that parents remain in their car during the entire pick up process.
    • RIGHT TURN ONLY. All cars must turn right when exiting the school onto Dyea Ave.
    • It is illegal to make a left turn and drivers are subject to traffic tickets and fines if they make a left turn out of the school.


    Added Parking:

    • Parent & guest parking is now available on the south side as well as the north side of the school.
    • The new BUS Pick-up & Drop-off was moved to the north parking lot along the side walk near the school. 

    Additional Changes:

    • All students will be exiting the school through the front doors only.
    • In the morning, students walk in through the front doors of the school only.
    • The bike rack is located outside the front doors of the school for closer supervision.
    • All walkers will walk off the campus using the crosswalk directly across from the front doors of the school, or following the school sidewalk heading south- students can cross the sidewalk.
    • All students are expected to be off school grounds within 7 minutes after the bell rings.
    • All students are expected to go directly home or to the location parents directed students to go after school.

    Our goal is to make picking up and dropping off students a safer and more convenient process for everyone. Attached is a map of the flow of traffic for the new pick up and drop off procedures.

    Please contact the office with any questions or concerns at (907) 742-1600.