Pick up and drop off

    Drop Off:


    Families can bring their children to school in the morning and drop them off in front of the building (see above). 

    Students should not be at school prior to 8:40 am unless they are in a club, tutoring with a teacher, or eating breakfast which will start at 8:30 am once ASD resumes our breakfast program.


    Pick Up:


    Families can pick up their students in front of the school upon release of students at 3:30 pm. 

    Please do not wait in the parking lot for your child to walk to your vehicle, as this is extremely dangerous and students should not be walking or standing in either parking lot unattended.



    Arrival / Dismissal




    • Arrival time is 8:40. There is no breakfast at this time for Ursa Major until further notice from ASD.

    • Students need to remain in vehicles until 8:40.

    • Parents should only allow students to exit from the right side of the vehicle after a complete stop.

    • Vehicles may drop off in the student drop off zone located in front of the school (see map).

    • Students may only exit the vehicles in the drop off zone. ( Not on Dyea ).

    • Students will walk to the south end of the building to go to the class line up on the playground.

    • Masks must be worn as you enter the building.

    • Each grade level group (pod) will enter and exit through their assigned doors.

    • 3 yr Pre-K Parents will drop off/pick up students in the North Parking Lot at the sidewalk.

    • 4 yr Pre-K Parents will drop off/pick up students at Main entrance in front of the school.

    • K-2 dismissal time is 3:25 and 3-6 dismissal time is 3:30.

    • All vehicle pick ups will take place in the car loop.

    • It is a single lane departure only.

    If you have any questions, please see your child’s teacher.