Meet the Teams at Mears

  • Team Echo

    Echo glacier is located 32 miles north of Juneau.

    Team color: HOT PINK


    Sally Pak - Language Arts

    Kehle Middleton - Math

    James McDonald - Science

    Nick Middleton - Social Studies

    Caitlin Burr - Counselor

  • Team Surprise 

    Surprise glacier is located 17.6 miles from Whittier.

    Team color: BLUE


    Lisa Peckham - Language Arts

    Lauren Hundrup - Math

    Dwane Anderson - Science

    Holly Roberts - Social Studies

    Teresa Harrison - Counselor

    Kim Caetano - Collaborator

  • Team Taku

    Taku glacier is 22 miles north, northeast of Juneau.

     Team color: TEAL


    Kari Sharp - Life Skills teacher

    Jean Anderson - Teaching Assistant

    Abigail Viens - Teaching Assistant

    Brandi Moore - Teaching Assistant


  • Team Harvard


    Harvard glacier is 40.3 miles northwest of Valdez.



    Hiromi Chambers - Japanese

    Kiyoko Loer - Japanese

    Deb Abshier - Spanish

  • Team Muir

    Muir glacier is located in Glacier Bay National Park.

    Team color: YELLOW


    Mia Daniel - Language Arts

    Grapes Pascual - Math

    Dwane Anderson - Science

    Chris Buchanan - Social Studies

    Matthew Bennice - Collab. Language Arts

    Caitlin Burrr - Counselor

  • Team Eklutna

    Eklutna glacier is located 27 miles north of Anchorage.

    Team color: RED


    October Davis - Language Arts

    Roxanne Demoss - Math

    Jessica Mangun - Science

    Holly Barclay - Social Studies

    Teresa Harrison - Counselor 

  • Team Deadman

    Deadman glacier is located on the Kenai Peninsula near Portage.

    Team color: CAMO



    Dennis Sorenson - Physical Education

    Jason MacDonald - Physical Education & Health

    Tara Jack - Physical Education

  • Team Raven

    Raven glacier is located near Girdwood. You can get to Raven glacier from the Crow Pass Trail.

    Team color: BLACK


    Kayla Callahan - Language Arts

    Ben Armentrout - Science

    Greg Ross - Social Studies

    Caitlin Burr - Counselor

  • Team Blackstone

    Blackstone glacier is located 3 miles from Whittier.

    Team color: JADE


    Thomas Pease - Language Arts

    Tara Bivins - Math

    Leslie Hannam - Social Studies

    Elizabeth Gustafson - Science

    Kay Schuster - Collaborator

    Teresa Harrison - Counselor

  • Team Explorer

    Explorer glacier is approximately 2 miles from the Begich Boggs Visitor Center in Portage.

    Team color: TIE DYE



    Kat Yackel - Art

    Diane McLaughlin - Project Lead the Way

    Joshua Perry - Computer Tech/Video Production

    Cari McCubrey - Choir

    Matthew O'Connor - Orchestra

    Jason Edwards - Band & Jazz Band