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    Use your district credentials, sometimes referred to as your active directory credentials to log in.

    username: lastname.firstname

    password: student ID


    Need a little help?  Go on a Canvas Walk Through. Watch the screencasts from Mrs. Fleming and the videos from Canvas to get you started.

  • To get to APEX:

    Login to Canvas first. Inside Canvas you should be on your Dashboard. There will be a separate card for each of your classes.  Click on your Language Arts or Math class. Now look for the APEX Learning icon, it is a blue square. Click on the icon, then click on Log in with Active Directory, and sign in with your regular school username and password.

     icon for Apex Learning

  • Tips for Log in:

    1. Make sure you only type lastname.firstname in the user field. The app will automatically add an @asdk12 to the end. If you type the @asdk12, the login process will still  add it, that ending will be there twice and you will get an error message.
    2. A student's password is their ASD student ID number and it can be found in Q. It is listed in the local ID field. A student's ID number is seven digits long.
    3. Make sure there are no spaces in the login fields before or after the typed information.
    4. If it still doesn't work, restart the device. Then try again.
    5. **Take a deep breath, we will figure this out!**

    Techology Help Resources

    APEX Parent Coach - Being a coach in APEX will give parents access to their child's progress through the lessons and more.

    Canvas Parent Observer - Like being a coach in APEX, this allows parents to see due dates, assignments, and grades.

    Canvas Walk Through - how to access, how to find APEX, how to progress through a module

    How to set up Zoom - an YouTube video for parents to help download and setup the Zoom app.

    Zoom Directions for Students - from TechieTeacher, how to set up and use Zoom on different kinds of devices.

    Update Contact Information in Parent Connect - a step by step guide for parents

    ASD Help Center - create a digital ticket to have an IT specialist get back to you.

    Email ASD for tech help at: help@asdk12.org

    Call ASD for tech help at: 907-742-HELP (4357) 

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  • Help Resources

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