• Summer (Block 1) Mask Guidance

    Block 1 (June 2 - June 30)

    The District acknowledges the Municipality's end of Emergency Ordinances (May 25), and that case rates in the Municipality have declined significantly with the successful introduction of several vaccines and the ongoing campaign to vaccinate community members ages 12 and older. 


    The following masking guidance applies to Block 1. District Administration will review and potentially adjust this guidance for Block 2 (July 12 - August 6) if warranted.

    1. Mask wearing for all students is optional (informed by parental preference). 
    2. Mask wearing for staff is optional; the District strongly advises non-vaccinated staff to wear masks (self-determined).
    3. Mask wearing for vaccinated parents, volunteers, and visitors is optional; non-vaccinated individuals are strongly advised to wear masks.
    4. Up to 3’ distancing will be encouraged while inside school buildings

Student Loading/Unloading Process

    • Loading AM stops
      • First stop to the back first day (use this to assign seats for the rest of the year)
        • Check off the student on the ridership list
        • Make sure seat assignment is followed so students sit next to same group daily. Family seated together
      • Offer sanitizer to students
    • Off-loading at the school
      • TA/Teacher must be present to help social distancing
      • Release students physically from front to rear (evacuation style)
      • Use wipes to clean all common touch areas before going to the next stop
        • Handrails
        • Seat / seat backs
        • Windows
    • Pick up at the school
      • Help from TA/Teacher loading with social distancing
      • Students will sit in their assigned seat
        • Check off students on the ridership list
    • Drop off at the stop
      • Controlled release seat by seat
      • After route is completed find a safe place to check bus and wipe down common touch areas before next school
        • Handrails
        • Seat / seat backs
        • Windows

    NOTE: Transportation shop will sanitize all buses nightly



  • bus driver