In-Person Return

  • Preschool educators want to ensure your family is supported in providing learning opportunities for your child(ren). We understand that every family is experiencing different concerns, stresses, and needs during this time. Our goal is to provide educational supports that are responsive to your family and child’s needs.


    As ASD returns to school in-person, preschool families may elect to attend according to the program schedules listed below. If your family is experiencing a situation or concern and chooses not to attend in-person, virtual supports will be provided by your child’s teacher. Because classroom staff will be instructing in-person, virtual learning may look different than it does now. Your child’s teacher will partner with you to determine how and when virtual learning will occur.


    Please reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions, concerns, or clarifications you might have.



    Preschool Program

    Times for Students

    Days of the Week for Students

    4-Year-Old Special Education: Developmental


    Monday/Tuesday OR Wednesday/Thursday

    • Special Education at Girdwood



    3-Year-Old Special Education: Developmental


    Monday/Tuesday OR Wednesday/Thursday

    Special Education: Communication


    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday

    4-Year-Old General Education


    Monday/Tuesday OR Wednesday/Thursday

    • General Education at King Tech


    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, AND Friday


  • Preschool Girl coloring