In-person Return

  • Elementary educators want to ensure your family is supported in providing learning opportunities for your student(s). We understand that every family is experiencing different concerns, stresses, and needs during this time. Our goal is to provide educational supports that are responsive to your family and student’s needs.


    Please reach out to your student’s teacher with any questions, concerns, or clarifications you might have.

    Please contact your school for a printable (PDF) version of this information if necessary.

At-A-Glance: Elementary Instructional Options



    ASD Virtual

    ASD Home-school


    Primary Instructional Program

    • In person

    • Synchronous

    • Monday through Friday

    • At home

    • Asynchronous

    • Monday through Friday

    • Weekly Zoom session/office hour support from teacher

    • At home

    • Asynchronous

    • Virtual

    Elementary School Schedule

    • Monday through Friday

    • 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


    Open, flexible schedule


    Open, flexible schedule

    Teachers and Staff


    School-based teachers and staff

    Certificated teachers and staff from various ASD schools

    Parents, ASD Certificated Online Instructors, P.A.I.D.E.I.A.



    District adopted and teacher supplemental


    Calvert Learning

    Highly customized; determined by the Home-school


    Online Platform


    Canvas and Zoom


    Calvert, Canvas, and Zoom


    APEX and Canvas