• Senior Seminar Series: The College Prep Workshop

    November 18th at 1 PM or November 19th at 6 PM

    Presented by Sean Schubert, KTHS Teacher.  Juniors are welcome to attend.


    Taking those first steps out of high school can be intimidating and expensive.  The College Prep Workshop is an hour-long introduction to tools that can help you sort through career options to find the right one for you, conduct a school search to help identify a list of schools that are a good fit for you personally, and develop a personalized list of scholarships and grants to help fund your next steps. Knowing what you want to do, where to go to get trained to do it, and then finding a way to pay for it while not accruing a mountain of debt is the intent of the workshop.   


    Use the following Zoom meeting link on the day of the workshop:

     Join the Workshop Here