Presentation accessories

Presenting from your iPad is a great way to share instructional content with the whole class and to bring student interactivity to whole group activities. Below are some options for how to project your iPad’s display through a multimedia projector or HD television. Contact EdTech to discuss the best options!


AirPlay Mirroring Options Comparison Chart



Apple TV

Use the Apple TV to wirelessly AirPlay mirror your iPad while connected to an HD TV or HDMI compatible digital projector. Stream your computer’s iTunes to access music, videos, and podcasts. Available from Apple

Recommended: $69 3rd Generation


Reflector App / AirServer

These two applications are downloads for your Mac or PC and allow the ability to mirror your iPad to your computer display via AirPlay. 

* When using these applications it is best to have your computer connected to the network via ethernet cable for optimum performance when viewing video with audio.



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