Application and interviewing services

In addition to routine EEO services, the Compliance/EEO Office offers the following optional employment services to employees and applicants:


How to apply for a position in the Anchorage School District

This service can be provided via phone or email. The purpose is to help applicants and/or employees understand the ASD application and/or internal transfer processes.


Constructive feedback on interview performance

Applicants and employees who have not been successful in the interview process may call the Compliance/EEO Office for an appointment to discuss a specific interview performance. The purpose of this service is to provide constructive feedback in order to improve interview skills and to prepare for the next interview.


Effective interviewing skills

Provides useful interview tips to applicants on what to do before, during and after the interview.


Mock interview

The purpose of a mock interview is to refine both the content and presentation of answers in preparing for a real interview situation. The EEO staff will not provide you with “right answers” or rigid ideas about presentation. Instead, the EEO staff will help guide you to develop answers and a style that you are comfortable using.


Accessing services

To access any of the above services, call the Compliance/EEO Office at 907-742-4132. Please allow at least two weeks to receive assistance. When possible, your request may be accommodated in less time.


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