Leave requests

ASD offers several different leave benefits to its employees. Depending on the bargaining unit agreement, the following leaves accumulate and may be used differently. Consult the bargaining unit agreement booklet for specific benefit arrangements. There may be other leave benefits that are not named below that have been negotiated as part of contract agreements with different bargaining units. Depending on the agreement, these additional leave benefits may include Cashable Annual Leave and Wellness Leave.


Leave benefits may include:


  • Sick leave
  • Annual leave
  • Legal leave
  • Civic leave
  • Military leave
  • Paid holidays
  • Professional leave



Short term leave request


Leave Request form


Short-term leave requests of 10 days or less that do not fall under Family Medical Leave are usually kept at the employee’s location. Only in situations such as military leave, legal leave, and leave without pay should the Leave Request form be forwarded to another department. Leave usage is always dependent on how much accrued leave is available to the employee and what is outlined in their bargaining unit contract.


  • Annual leave/ personal leave
  • Civic leave
  • Emergency leave
  • Leave without pay
  • Legal leave
  • Military leave
  • Non-work day
  • Professional leave
  • Sick leave


Emergency leave

Employees absent for 10 days or less due to the death of a family member must attach a copy of the death certification, newspaper obituary or memorial service bulletin with the Leave Request form.


Leave without pay

Employees requesting leave without pay must complete the Leave Request and forward it to the Payroll Department. Some contracts require additional approvals for leave without pay for over three days.


Legal leave

Employees absent due to jury duty or legal matters relating to ASD are required to submit a copy of the parking validation, court slip, and the original check received from the court system to the Payroll Department.


Sick leave

Any employee who is out sick for more than three days should complete Family Medical Leave paperwork.


Long term leave/Extended leave of absence


Request for Extended Leave of Absence form


Employees who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for extended leave of absence. Extended leave of absence most commonly is leave without pay over 10 days.  Employees on unpaid extended leave will lose both health and life insurance eligibility.  The employee has the option to elect COBRA to continue health insurance coverage.  Contact the Benefits Department for COBRA rates.  Also, depending on the the negotiated agreement, the employee's position may or may not be secured.

Important date information

 AEA (teachers)

Notice of intent to return from leave must be given to the district by certified mail by March 15, if on full year or second semester leave. Notice of intent to return from leave must be given to the district by November 15, if on leave for first semester only. 


All other employee groups

Please review each bargaining unit contract for specific information regarding request for extended leave of absence, as dates may vary between unions. Some contracts stipulate that requests need to be made within a specific timeframe in advance of the leave and some require that a notice of intent to return to work be given to the district when the employee is planning on returning from leave. 



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