Student grievance process

The Student Grievance Process was developed by the Anchorage School District to resolve matters in which a student feels that s/he has had their civil rights violated, including rights protected under Title IX. This process also pertains to instances in which a student feels s/he has been discriminated against by school staff due to issues such as their race, disability, national origin or gender. This process can also be used to address credit, scheduling, or staff and student relationships, including classroom discipline and attendance.


Student Grievance form

Download a printable version of the Student Grievance form.



Definition of terms


Alleged violation of School Board policies, central administration rules and regulations, or school administrative policies as well as past practices and informal procedures.



One who files a grievance against another person.



One against whom a grievance is filed.


Contact person

One with whom the grievance can discuss the issue before filing a grievance. Be sure to find the contact person for your type of grievance.

Process procedures

‌Please note‌‌Warning

Students should work with their school's principal or designee, who will guide them through the process.


  1. Discuss the issue with the principal. It may be easily resolved at this level.
  2. If circumstances prevent using #1 or if your complaint is not resolved within five school days, you may file a grievance. The grievance must be in writing and on the Student Grievance Form. Student Grievance forms can be obtained from the school office or downloaded here.
  3. Complete the Student Grievance Form and forward it to the principal/ designee. Be sure to state the exact problem and what you want to happen.
  4. Grievances must be initiated within five school days of the alleged act and will be concluded within 20 school days except for gender equity grievances.
  5. Gender equity (Title IX) grievances can be filed within 30 days of the alleged act and will be concluded within five school days of the complaint date. Follow the timelines in the student handbook for all other grievances.
  6. Based on the nature of the grievance, the involved staff member and student must confer for the purpose of attempting to solve the problem. All parties must agree to the meeting. The principal/ designee shall schedule a conference with the staff member, the student and the student’s parent/ guardian. This conference will be facilitated by the principal/ designee.
  7. If resolution is not acceptable to the grievant, the grievant may appeal in writing to the school’s Grievance Committee within three days. Check with your school administration to find out about your school’s Grievance Committee.
  8. The decision of the Grievance Committee will be rendered in writing to both parties and the administrator within five school days of the date of the committee’s final decision.
  9. Either party may appeal the Grievance Committee’s decision to the appropriate senior director.
  10. For Title IX complaints that are not resolved at the school level, you may contact the Compliance/EEO senior director, who also serves as the Title IX and ADA coordinator.

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