A turnaround model

The CSF program can provide assistance to students who have difficulty getting along with others, who avoid work, and/or demonstrate behaviors that are having an adverse impact on their ability to be successful in the classroom and to build healthy, positive relationships with others. Described as a “turnaround model,” the CSF program works best with students who, with intentional instruction, along with opportunities to practice newly learned skills, will be able to demonstrate the acquired skills in a relatively short period. Students in the program are provided with a classroom environment that has well-designed, research-based interventions that can bring about sufficient behavioral change in an 8-10 week period.


Day-to-day schedule

Students are transported daily to the site on Anchorage School District buses to attend school from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

In the classroom

In addition to their academic lessons, students work on specific behaviors through concentrated social skill lessons, as well as infusion of social skills throughout the entire day. After students have demonstrated success in the CSF classroom, they'll have the opportunity to practice the skills they've learned in a "mainstream" classroom.

Returning to home school

After students have gained skills to help them succeed in the academic environment, a transition counselor visits the home school and offers support to the student and teacher. The counselor also shares social skill activities with the home school class.


Social skills

Some children may not learn acceptable behavior because they don't know what is appropriate, or they may have the knowledge but lack the practice. For other children, their emotional responses may get in the way of desirable behavior. Below are some of the concentrated social skills students in the CSF program practice:


  • Kelso's Choices
    Providing opportunities for safe choices
  • Cool Cat
    Staying cool when upset
  • Pumsy
    Choosing to be responsible for your day
  • Sparky
    Encouraging saying and doing nice things


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