ELL is committed to supporting the district teachers and staff who support our students, and ensuring that ASD educators are equipped with the skills and resources they need to for success. We work closely with classroom teachers, counselors, and staff to provide each bilingual-bicultural student a coordinated program of study, and assist in developing cultural enrichment activities and programs in classrooms and on a school-wide basis. We also assist schools in communicating with bilingual parents in their first language, whenever possible.


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What We Offer

teacher in class calling on a student

Translation Services

ELL's translation service is ready to assist you in communicating with bilingual families. Our program is staffed with interpreters in 10 languages, and offer a phone service with interpreters available in 50 languages.

To find out more, contact:

ELL Main Office

(907) 742-4452


Classroom Support

ELL is staffed with teachers and tutors who are here to provide classroom assistance.

To find out more:

Please contact the ELL staff at your home school. If you have general questions, please call the ELL main office at 742-4452. Your call will be routed to elementary or secondary education if your questions are more specific.

Cultural Enrichment Activiies

We can provide you with a variety of lesson plans and guided cultural enrichment activities to help make your classroom more inclusive and welcoming to ELL students.

To find out more, contact:

Lavon Bridges

ELL Specialist

(907) 742-4463


More Resources

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