District Improvement Plans

In June 2013, the Alaska State Board of Education and Early Development (EED) adopted new school and district accountability regulations.  The new accountability system is based on the Alaska School Performance Index (ASPI) and Annual Measureable Objective (AMO) targets.  A school’s overall ASPI score will determine the category or star rating of the school.  ASPI is a 1- through 5-star system, with the top performing schools in the state rated as 5 stars and the lowest performing rated as 1-star.


Under these regulations, a district shall prepare and submit to EED a district improvement plan if

      • at least 25 percent of the schools in the district are designated one- or two-star schools;
      • at least 25 percent of the students in the district attend a school that is designated a one- or two-star school;
      • an instructional or desk audit at the district or schools in the district demonstrates significant deficiencies in the domains of
        • curriculum; 
        • assessment policy and practice; 
        • instruction; 
        • school learning environment; 
        • professional development policy and practices; 
        • leadership; or
      • an instructional or desk audit at the district shows that one or more subgroups in the district is not making progress toward the subgroup's AMO.


Under these regulations, the Anchorage School District has not been identified by EED to submit a district improvement plan.

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