Romare Beardan

American artist of African-American heritage (1911-1988)


Alexander Calder

Acclaimed and influential sculptor (1898-1976)


Marc Chagall

Artist and pioneer of modernism (1887-1985)


Dale DeArmond

Alaskan artist, wood engraving (1914-2006)


Carmen Lomas Garza

Chicana narrative artist (1948-)

Claes Oldenburg

Sculptor (1929-)


Faith Ringgold

African American artist and writer, painted story quilts (1930-)


Sandy Skoglund

Conceptual artist (1946-)


Coosje van Bruggen

Sculptor (1942-2009)


Vincent van Gogh

Post-impressionist painter and artist (1853-1890)


Grant Wood

American painter (1891-1942)

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