Of special interest to art teachers are the countless art museums worldwide with established Web sites that offer immediate online access to selected works in their collections, art historical information, curriculum materials and more.


Anchorage Art Museum

Regular programming at the museum includes lectures, performance, art classes and a weekly art house film series. 


Art Institute of Chicago

Their Web site includes a number of important works from its collection, such as American Gothic by Grant Wood, Nighthawks by Edward Hooper and A Sunday on La Grade Jatte by Georges Seurat. The site offers access to selected objects from the museum's collection in detail and offers a variety of educational resources for classroom or home use.


J. Paul Getty Museum

One of the assets of this site is the high-quality digitized images of works of art, provided along with easy to read accompanying text, which places each work in historical and cultural context.


Kyoto National Museum

Browse more than 10,000 digitized images of over 5,000 objects or sets of objects from the museum's collection of East Asian art.


National Gallery of Art

The NGA's Web site is exceptionally rich in art content and images. In addition to providing general information about its collections, current exhibitions, and services, the site offers a number of online tours; in-depth analyses that focus on selected artists, themes, and selected works of art. An extensive collection of classroom materials and educational resources is available.



Research site for Smithsonian museums and programs, including the National Museum of the American Indian.


Smithsonian American Art Museum

Browse or search through the museum's collection of 40,000 art objects, over 18,000 of which are illustrated online. Other features include over 30 virtual exhibitions, several online teachers' guides, interactive Flash presentations focusing on the work of specific artists, and an online reference service called "Ask Joan of Art," where you can submit questions about American art to research specialists at the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Browse or search through some 3,500 images of works of art and objects from the Met's permanent collection, which spans more than 5,000 years of world culture. You can also view current and future exhibitions or access various educational resources designed for classroom use.


The State Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia offers a number of special features including a digital collection that displays the museum's collection of art and artifacts as well as several virtual exhibitions and a virtual gallery of 3-D images.



Virtual art museums

A number of virtual art museums exist on the Web that are not associated with any physical display facilities; nor do they have actual holdings of their own. The collections of virtual art museums typically consist of digitized versions of works of art or other cultural objects obtained from various sources, such as different art museums around the world or private collections.



Diego Rivera Web Museum

This virtual museum explores the life and work of Diego Rivera, perhaps the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century.

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