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ASD and Alaska content standards and national visual art standards

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Elementary Art Curriculum, K-6 

Grade Level Themes

K - Art and Me

1 - Art In My World

2 - Creating From Within Myself

3 - Art and the Environment

4 - Art From Many Cultures

5 - Art as Communication

6 - Art's Impact on the World



  • Art Heritage
  • Aesthetic Valuing
  • Aesthetic Perception
  • Creative Expression


Read the Curriculum Overview & Program Statement for more about components, artists, and activities at the elementary level

Resources for elementary teachers

Art materials and equipment

Guidelines for art materials and equipment at the elementary level


Art recipes

Recipes for making acrylic paints, fixative, face paints, baker's clay, cornstarch clay and sugar dough


Electric kiln firing procedures

Procedures and precautions for the safe and successful firing of ceramic kilns


Emergency substitute teacher art lessons, K-6

Grade level drawing lessons specifically for emergency situations when an art teacher is unavailable


Intensive needs art curriculum

For low, moderate and high abilities


 Art Standard instructional plan template

For use by K-12 art teachers and all other subject areas


Work of art

Connecting the disciplines in a work of art

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