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How much time does a mentor spend with a student?
Students must document a minimum of 45 hours for a mentorship; however this does not mean all of the time is with their mentor. Students can document hours they spend reading or studying topics suggested by the mentor or time spent with other colleagues.
How much time is given to complete the mentorship?
Students can begin in September and must finish by the 1st of April. Most mentorships take place over a three month window; however it is entirely up to the mentor to schedule time at their convenience.
How do I get matched with a student?
When a student is accepted to the program, the mentorship coordinator will get in touch with you. The mentorship coordinator reviews all applications and interviews all students. Your information will not be shared with the student until the placement conference.
When and how often will the student be with the mentor?
The student is expected to spend 3-4 hours a week at their mentorship site; however the amount of hours a week is based on the mentor’s availability and can be flexible.
Is the mentor liable for the student when at the mentorship site?
No, students and parents sign a liability waiver as part of their paperwork; you may request a copy of this or have the student sign any paperwork you or your organization require.
How do I protect confidential information?
The student and parent sign a confidentiality agreement at the placement conference. You may request a copy of this and may ask the student to sign a confidentiality statement from your organization. You may also ask students to step out of a meeting or other situation in which you feel they should not be present.
What kind of training does the student receive before starting the mentorship?
Students must attend a mandatory training that covers the requirements for the program and the expectations for communication and behavior in their mentorship.
My company requires additional training/requirements before the student can be at the site. Can I ask the student to comply?
Of course, students will complete any training required by the mentor. This can also be discussed at the placement conference.
What do I do if the student does not show up?
Please contact the mentorship coordinator as soon as possible. You may also contact the student directly. Students are expected to communicate and to be punctual. Any time they do not meet these expectations, please contact the coordinator.
What if the student is not meeting my expectations?
Please contact the mentorship coordinator as soon as possible. It may also be a good idea to have a direct conversation with the student as a reminder of the expectations.
What if I go on vacation and can’t meet with my student for a while?
This is totally fine. The program is flexible, and the student should be able to work around your schedule.
Can I allow the student to work with other professionals in my office?
Yes, this is encouraged. The more the student can see and do, the better experience for all involved.
May I take the student on a field trip (i.e. job inspection, etc.)?
Yes, students are encouraged to take advantage of any opportunity to do and see more in their field of interest.
Am I responsible for grading the student?
No, the mentorship coordinator does all of the grading of assignments and the final project. You will be asked for feedback to evaluate the student at the end of the mentorship.
Will I be paid for being a mentor?
Unfortunately there is no pay for being a mentor; however many mentors find that working with a student is very rewarding. You will be invited to a catered reception at the end of the mentorship and will be recognized for your time.

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