Mentorship requirements

Students receive 0.5 elective credit for a gifted mentorship when they successfully complete the requirements listed below:


Career Search:  One or two page summary of researched information about the career field of your interest.


Mandatory Training Session:  You are required to attend. A syllabus detailing point values of assignments will also be handed out.


Time:  Minimum of 45 hours as directed by your mentor.


Journal:  This documents your hours, but more importantly, records your impressions of your experiences. It will be shared with your coordinator on a weekly basis via Google Docs.


Interviews:  Total of 3 with professionals in your field of mentorship. You will interview your mentor as part of this assignment.


Article Review:  One article review from a professional journal in your proposed field of mentorship.


Photograph with your mentor:  Submit in jpeg format. This will be shared at the reception at the end of the program.


Project  - Required for all mentorships. Discuss your project with your mentor early in the mentorship. Schedule your presentation with your coordinator. Be sure to invite your parent(s) and your mentor to your presentation.


Communication  - Your coordinator will be at your school every other week to meet with students. You must communicate with your mentorship coordinator at least every other week.


Thank you  - Written thank you note to your mentor.


Reception  - Attend the mentorship reception at the end of the program in the spring.


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