Where do grants come from?

An entity that awards grants may be referred to as a “grantmaker,” “grantor,” or “grant source.” These terms all mean the same thing: “We award grants to the winning proposals!” Grantmakers range from large public entities, such as the U.S. Department of Education, to smaller local entities, such as — for instance — perhaps a School Business partner or local Walmart store. There are two major categories of grantmakers: public and private.


Please note: Most federal and many state grant competitions are designed for systemic, districtwide or program-wide projects. In general, these competitions are not designed for individual classrooms or schools. (Sometimes there are exceptions.)  If you find a federal or state grant that interests you, call the Grants Development Department before proceeding. Many private foundation grants are smaller and more focused. They are a better fit for schools and classrooms.  See Where grants come from and who applies (PDF)


Examples of private grant sources
Interested in pursuing a grant?

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