Grant Highlights: 1990 to present 


  • StarTalk Summer 2016 Chinese Language and Culture Camp
  • Alaska Pre-Kindergarten Program 
  • 150th Anniversary of the Treat of Cession Grant - Alaska Historical Commission
  • CIRI Foundation Heritage Project Grant: Culture Week 2016
  • CIRI Foundation Increased Alaska Native Art & Culture Grant: A Journey to What Matters
  • Project Unite - Department of Defense Education Activity Grant
  • STEM Program Grant - ExxonMobil
  • Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant for Wonder Park Elementary School
  • ASD Bike Sharing Education Trailer Program, AMATS TAP Grant, Anchorage
  • Every 4th Grade Student to a National Park, National Park Service Centennial Initiative
  • NoVo Foundation Grant for Alaska Native Cultural Charter School
  • Community PLUS Schools - United Way of Anchorage



  • StarTalk Summer 2015 Chinese Language and Culture Camp
  • Partnerships for Success Project with CITC
  • National Park Service Fourth Grade Initiative
  • Novo Foundation: CASEL Collaborating Districts Initiative Implementation (CDI) Grant, Years 4-6
  • Project Ki'L (Boy): Promoting School Success for Alaska Native Boys 



  • Anchorage 21st Century Alaska Community Learning Centers
  • Project Connect II
  • StarTalk Summer 2014 Chinese Language and Culture Camp
  • Alaska Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Tides Foundation
  • Tangluk (snowshoes) Project





  • Project MORE (Military Online Resources Education)
  • StarTalk Chinese Language Culture Summer Camp for 2012
  • Anchorage 21st Century Alaska Community Learning Centers: The World is Our Classroom!
  • EPA Grant - Chester Creek Community Revitalization Project
  • Boeing Grant - STEM Professional Development Project
  • Alaska Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Project Puqigtut-llu (Smart People, Too!): High School Success for 21st Century Alaska Natives


  • Building Student Resiliency Through SEL Infusion and Positive School Climate
  • Artifacts for Alaskans by Alaskans
  • Title III Immigrant Grant
  • StarTalk Chinese Language Culture Summer Camp
  • The Salmon Project
  • Economic Literacy: Preparing Students and Career and College-ready Citizens
  • Begich Middle School Greenhouse Project
  • Project Ki'l (boy) II: Promoting Academic Success for Alaska Native Boys



  • Project IMPACT
  • Project Connect
  • Graduation Connections
  • Raise Your Voice
  • Begich Middle School Greenhouse Project




  • Project Ki'l
  • Alaska Network for Understanding American History (ANUAH)
  • Alaska/Russia Climate Change Examination Shared Beringian Heritage
  • Empowering Student to Lead II: Creating Positive School Climate and Connectedness
  • ASD 21st Century Community Learning Centers



  • "Kids Bank" of the Eagle River MicroSociety Program Excellence in Economic Education Grant
  • Polaris K-12 Best Buy Teach Award
  • ASD 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • AKPIRC (Alaska Parent Information Resource Centers)


  • Starship MIRA: (Mission is Russian Advances!)
  • Project CLIO
  • Project EFFECT: ASD Emergency Response and Project Preparedness
  • High Growth Job Training Initiative
  • The Salad Bar Project
  • HP Technology for Teaching Grant at Goldenview



  • Empowering Students to Lead
  • Project APPEAL - Advanced Placement Programs for Every Able Learner
  • Crossroads Smart Families Initiative
  • 19 Best Buy Teach Grants




  • Project MIR: Mission is Russian!
  • Project ACCESS (All Children Can Experience Sports Safely)
  • High Intensity Summer Reading Program
  • Anchorage Community Learning Centers
  • REA Reading Tutorial Assistance Grants



  • Smaller Learning Communities Implementation Grant
  • Excellence in Physical Education (EXCELS)
  • Teaching American History Project
  • Governor's Grant: Law Enforcement Partnership with APD
  • REA Reading Excellence Grants


  • Smaller Learning Communities Planning Grant
  • Middle School Coordinators Project Grant #3
  • Project ¡Adelante!
  • Project VOCES
  • Lake Hood Program Development & Implementation Grant





  • Alaska Health Online
  • Anchorage Reads
  • Moshi Moshi is for Community
  • Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Project
  • Middle School Coordinator Project Grant #1



  • Peer Education Safety Training Center
  • Charter Schools: Aquarian, Family Partnership, Village
  • ASD Youth-Directed Highway Safety Project
  • Comprehensive School Grant "Language for All" Tyson Elem.
  • Toyota TAPESTRY Grants: Girdwood and Polaris K-12
  • Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant



  • New Connections Apple Grant – Wendler Middle School
  • CASTLES Urban/Rural School-to-Work
  • Elihu Foundation
  • Alaska Native Educational Planning, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training and Recruitment Program
  • The Anchorage JUMP Project – Youth mentoring


  • Government Hill International School
  • Anchorage MOSAIC School-to-Work System
  • Elementary Foreign Language Incentive
  • Toyota TAPESTRY: Girdwood



  • Chester Valley Partners in Education Apple Grant
  • Project: KACHUKO
  • Project EXCELS: Social Studies/Language Arts Teacher Professional Development Grant
  • NFIE: S.C.O.P.E. (Student Community Outreach Partnership in Education)



  • Earth Systems Implementation Project (ESIP)
  • POLARIS (Project On Leading Alaska Reform in Science)
  • East High Russian Language Project
  • Integrated Performance Assessment Project



  • Ellamek Elicaraq "Learning About Our World"
  • RAP Math
  • Earth Systems Program
  • "Hearty" Health Team Project
  • Videotape Language Assessment Project



  • Project TAPP (Teachers & Partners for Prevention)
  • Project OSS – Operation Special Services
  • Project ¡EXITO! A Model of Success for Students and Parents
  • Project PRIDE (Parents/Partners Responsibly Involved in Development and Education)
  • Interactive Learning Through An Integrated Curriculum



  • ALEAP 2 – Law-related Education Project
  • Whole Child Project
  • Concepts for All Project in Science (CAPS) II
  • Middle School Japanese Language Project



  • Anchorage Science Alliance
  • Technology Education - Blueprint for Literacy
  • Weather Satellite (GOES) Science Project



  • Alaska Constitutional Institute

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