Congratulations on winning!

Now you're probably wondering what to do next. Once you've been notified, make sure you follow these steps:

    1. Provide a copy of your grant award to us at the Grants Development Department, ASD Education Center. Send it by email, fax, or interschool mailThis is a district requirement. Also provide a copy of the complete grant proposal as submitted (including budget and attachments) and RFP/application instructions or guidelines (if you have not already sent them to us.)

      We hope you'll enjoy carrying out your grant activities.

      Please feel free to call or email us if we can be of help. Good luck!

      Downloads (PDF): ASD Procedures and Requirements for Managing a Grant

    2. Notify Accountants in Finance Department. They will help you with the process for handling checks and setting up your budget account. They will need the original grant award, check, a copy of your complete grant proposal and the RFP/application instructions, plus other documents throughout the life of the grant. This may include grant reports.
    3. Follow IFAS procedures for managing your grant funds.
    4. If your grant is $30,000 or more, the school board must officially accept it at a board meeting via an official board memo. You must go through the Grants Development Department to submit your memo--give us a call or email to let us know you need a board memo.
    5. Understand that a grant is like a contract. To the greatest extent possible, you must do with the money what you said in the proposal you would do. At the same time, many grants are for innovations and the project doesn't always roll out the way it was described in the proposal. Always feel free to contact the funder. They might be amenable to making adjustments. Good communication is important.
    6. Carefully monitor your expenditures. Be sure to spend all of your grant money within the time allotted. Unfortunately, carryover funds may not be allowed and you might lose your unspent money.
    7. Maintain a good relationship with your funder. Sometimes it is appropriate to send a nice thank you letter, along with pictures of your actual project. Follow all of the funder's grant reporting requirements. This may include providing data, filling out forms, or submitting narrative reports. Doing a good job with this paves the way for future ASD applicants. In some cases, funders may even want to continue to support your project beyond the grant period.


Don't give up!

Many grant seekers have several rejections under their belts before they score a win. Good luck!

So you didn't win?

You're probably wondering what to do next. Once you've been notified, make sure you follow-up with these steps:

  1. If you did not win a grant, call or e-mail us. This is a district requirement.
  2. Call or e-mail the funder and ask for feedback on your application. Often, they appreciate this demonstration of interest and this evidence of your commitment to keep trying. After all, grant readers put time and effort into reviewing your application. This will set you apart from competitors. Some grant programs will send you written readers' comments. This is a golden opportunity to revamp your proposal and re-submit it next year.
  3. Go to the grant program’s website and review the post-competition information on the site. You might find valuable information on what the funder liked and didn’t like in the applications they received, and you might see forthright suggestions for re-submission in the next grant cycle. Check the Web site occasionally over the next year for previews of the next grant cycle.
  4. Keep trying! The grant source might run this competition next year. Now that you’ve received feedback, you are better prepared to go back for another go-around.

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