ASD procedures and requirements

So you've found a grant and you're ready to take the next step - just make sure you follow the steps outlined below. We're here to help with the process and answer any questions you may have. Download ASD Procedures and Requirements for Writing a GrantNote that these procedures also apply to requests for donations of goods and cash.

  1. Get principal or supervisor approval.
  2. Call or e-mail the Grants Development Department if you are going to write a grant. This is a district requirement. Our office is the clearinghouse for competitive grants for schools, programs and teachers. We help ensure the ASD schools are not accidentally competing against each other; that grants fall within district parameters; and that applicants get the support they need.
  3. If you need help preparing your grants, call or email the Grants Development Department.
  4. Make sure your principal or supervisor reviews your grant.
  5. Some grants also need to be reviewed and/or signed by the superintendent or chief academic officer. If this is the case with your grant or you think this is the case, call or email the Grants Office. We will help you with this process.
  6. Provide a copy of your completed grant application and the RFP/application instructions to the Grants Development Department within five days after submitting your proposal. This is a district requirement. We prefer electronic documents.
  7. Let us know the outcome: was it funded or not?


Does your grant...

  • Pay for “people”? (i.e. salaries, addenda, extra help, etc.) The budget must include benefits; call the Grants Office for assistance.
  • Need statistics or demographics?

Grant source?

Paper with pen Is your grant source the state of Alaska or the federal government? Call the Grants Office before you go any further. Many of these grants require the applicant to be ASD, not an individual school.


If you are requesting equipment or furniture in your grant you may have to add installation or mounting costs by ASD Maintenance and Operations staff. Call Maintenance and Operations at 348-5111 for verification and a cost estimate. Chair

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