Re-evaluation requests

Parents and other members of the community may request a re-evaluation of books and audio-visual material by filling out a Request for Re-evaluation of Instructional Materials. Requests should be submitted to the building principal. The school has 10 days to respond and attempt to resolve the complaint. If it cannot be solved at that level, the request will be forwarded to the assistant superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for consideration by the Controversial Issues Review Committee.



Controversial Issues Review Committee

This standing committee consists of 17 members appointed to three-year terms. The superintendent accepts applications and makes recommendations for appointment to the committee to the school board. The members are appointed from the applicants as follows:

Community members


  • Two students recommended by the Student Advisory Board
  • Nine members selected at-large, with at least four representatives from the minority community


District employees


  • Two principals - elementary and secondary
  • Two teachers - elementary and secondary
  • Two librarians - elementary and secondary


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