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EOY check-out dates:

  • Seniors: April 13th
  • Everybody else: May 4th



The mission of the Anchorage School District is to educate students for success in life. To accomplish this, the district established a centralized library services and automation department called Library Resources. Library Resources facilitates the development of the library index for the entire system. Titless added to the district are indexed for online retrieval using a bibliographic utility and national standards in cataloging and classification are maintained. 



Library Resources is committed to making all library material readily available in order to facilitate the teaching/learning process and to help each student become an independent, self motivated learner. Please utilize the resources here to help in this mission, and feel free to contact us if you are in need of assistance.



Library contacts

Library Coordinator

Book with bookmark Ann Morgester

Curriculum Coordinator, Libraries

(907) 742-4461


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Library Resources

Desktop computer icon Suzette Johnstone

Library Automation


(907) 742-6091

Curriculum Media

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