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Welcome to the LS2 Staff TLC's web-based Circulation application. Staff Services tab provides users the ability to search for a title record. On the left menu are functions within Staff Services. Titles & Items is the basic title search of all ASD titles, Messages is location specific information on titles in-transit and requests/holds, Request Shelf assists in managing requests/holds and Item transfer allows library staff the option to move items to another holdings code, temporarily or permanently, such as Battle Books, and then return titles to the appropriate home location after Battle competition is completed.


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 LS2 Staff Basics



 LS2 Staff How to Log in
   LS2 Staff How to Search for Title

 Titles I Items



 LS2 Staff How to Add Barcode



 Manage Bibliographic Records


 LS2 Staff How to Delete Item Barcode
 LS2 Staff How to Edit an Item Record
LS2 STAFF How Add Equipment
 LS2 Staff Collection Codes
  LS2 Staff Prefix Class Cutter Call Number placement
   LS2 Staff Foreign Language Request Form
    LS2 Staff OTF Record Option

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Messages: Manage items waiting for transfers‌‌‌‌

 LS2 Staff Messages

 Request Shelf

  • Manage items currently waiting for borrower pickup
 LS2 Staff Request Shelf

 Item Transfer

  • Manage items collection codes
 LS2 Staff Item Transfer

PAC Alternate Book jacket images


Gray book images can be manually replaced by LR staff

 PAC Alt Book Jacket Art




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