Reports module overview

Welcome to the TLC Reports wed-based module. Reports to lists titles and borrower information can be accessed from a web address. TLC provides over 300 reports. An ASD folder has been created to assist library staff to access reports used frequently. In the ASD Reports Folder there is also sub folders with reports used only a few times a year or for specific information retrieval.


Reports module: Get started, log in & set preferences


ASD Reports Folder

Reports help files below are quick help tips for library staff in getting started using reports to assist with borrower’s information and library inventory. Library Resources is available to help run reports; initially the report query selections can be cumbersome to get through and finished report display is not always as anticipated, LR staff is here to help!


Borrower type reports

Item type reports

End of Year reports 2018 Folder

Last check out day for Seniors is April 13th, Everybody else May 4th

End Of Year reports 2018 sub folder, has reports to assist library staff in reminding borrowers to return items.


Fines and Payment Reports Folder

Fine & Payment reports sub folder, provides library staff the ability to review charge transactions on borrowers account.

Library Resources can assist with system processing issues with charges on borrowers account and fine & payment reports.


Statistics Folder

TLC has numerous reports to help gather statistical data. Statistics sub folder, located in the ASD Reports folder has 6 reports to assist library staff in reviewing circulation. If your library has specific criteria to report on, please contact Library Resources for assistance.



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