Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below will help you understand the Migrant Education Program. If you have any questions not answered here, you may submit your questions to Jane Todd at or contact a staff member.

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May younger siblings and/or older siblings participate in a reading activity that is for the age level of one of my other children?
Yes. The Migrant Education Program encourages family participation.
Do the other siblings also get to pick out a book to take home and keep?
Yes, if they are Migrant Education Program eligible. We encourage literacy and reading, building children's libraries, and a love for books.
Can my child receive more than one summer camp scholarship? For example, one for the Imaginarium and one for the YMCA?
We have a limited number of scholarships. We can usually only give one scholarship per child.
Can my child take swimming lessons at two different pools during the same period of time? For example, during the spring taking lessons at both the Dimond and Chugiak pools?
No. The Migrant Education Program will only pay for one session in the same time period per child.
Do we have to turn in the life vest we checked out from Migrant Education after each fishing season?
Life vests only need to be returned when your family member(s) have outgrown the size or you no longer need the life vest.

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