What is Migrant Education?

The Migrant Education Program serves students who travel outside the Anchorage School District boundaries to engage in seasonal fishing or agricultural activities. The usual activity of families in the Anchorage area is fishing and can be either commercial or subsistence.


The Anchorage School District Migrant Education Program is federally funded and provides activities, services and resources for Migrant students and their families.


‌Our goals are to help Migrant children develop to their fullest academic and social potential and to provide learning opportunities for success in life. These goals will assist students in becoming self-sufficient members of our community.



Mission Statement

The Migrant Education Program will assist families and students in becoming self-sufficient.


  • To help Migrant Education Program families function effectively in the Anchorage community.
  • To assist Migrant Education Program students to attain high academic standards.
Program Goals
  • To integrate and support existing educational services.
  • To identify and assess individual family needs and assist in developing an appropriate action plan.
  • To provide opportunities for reading readiness for pre-school through middle and secondary grade levels.
  • To provide opportunities for developing family literacy.

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