High school festivals and honor groups

Solo and Ensemble Festival

This Festival provides students the opportunity to perform alone or in a small group for an adjudicator. Independent musicianship is fostered as students are allowed to make their own musical choices and to be evaluated and recognized apart from their school music classes. Students may choose repertoire entirely different from that which is studied in a large ensemble setting and from a more varied range of styles, however the music must be included in the Approved Repertoire List.


Adjudicators are professional musicians from the community or qualified guests from outside the community. Adjudicators provide valuable feedback, contributing to the student’s continued musical development. Students receive a rating of I to V, with I being the highest. Adjudicators also offer written comments and generally also give verbal feedback if time permits. Students who receive a I rating are eligible to participate in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.


Adjudication is offered in the following areas: Voice, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Piano, and Guitar.


Students may enter a maximum of three different events. For example, a student could enter one violin solo, a duet and a trio. Students should not enter more than one event of the same instrumentation or personnel (two vocal solos by the same student or two string trios of the same students would not be allowed). Music selections can not be longer than five minutes.


Students must be enrolled in a Band, Choir, or Orchestra class to be eligible to participate. Music teachers will provide students with detailed information regarding the Solo & Ensemble Festival, including a  Student Information Letter.


For festival date and location information, please see the Fine Arts Calendar.


State Solo and Ensemble Festival

Alaska high school music students who receive a I rating in their local high school solo and ensemble festivals are eligible to participate in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival. This event is sponsored by the Alaska State Activities Association (ASAA).


ASD high school music teachers will provide eligible students with application forms. Forms are also available at the ASAA website.


For festival date and location information, please see the Fine Arts Calendar.

High School Large Group Band, Choir  and Orchestra festival/contests

Each year, high school bands, choirs and orchestras have the opportunity to perform in an adjudicated setting.  A judge will listen, make comments and work with the group to help elevate there musical knowledge and performance level.  Additionally, these festivals provide the opportunity for high school students to perform for and listen to their peers from other schools.

These festivals include the most advanced ensemble from each ASD high school. The Band Festival, for example, features the symphonic band from each school.


For large group festival dates, please see the Fine Arts Calendar.



All-state band, choir and orchestra

Alaska School Activity Association information

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