$44 million to ASD graduates


May 10, 2013


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Comprehensive high school graduations to be broadcast live on ASD-TV and streamed online


From the time students begin kindergarten, they are working towards the goal of graduation. For thousands of students, that goal is becoming a reality.


"This is a very exciting time for our seniors and their families," said Mike Henry, executive director of Secondary Education. "We wish them the best of luck as they venture out into the world. So many opportunities await them."


ASD's graduating class of 2013, made up of more than 3,200 seniors, has been offered $44 million in scholarships and awards from local and national universities, companies and organizations. Students likely received additional scholarship monies that were not reported to their respective schools.


At each high school, staff encourages and helps students search and apply for college scholarships. Some students also earned monetary awards through academic competitions. The scholarships and awards offered to students range from small sums to help with purchasing college textbooks to tens of thousands of dollars for full-ride, multi-year scholarships to prestigious universities and military academy placements.


"Congratulations to our graduates for their hard work over the years," said Superintendent Ed Graff. "The opportunity to be a part of these student successes and celebrations is an honor. There is nothing like seeing the pride of a student who has accomplished great things."


Graduation and completion ceremonies for various schools and programs began this week and will run through May 23.


Ceremonies for the district's eight comprehensive high schools will be available for viewing live on ASD-TV cable channel 14 and online at www.asdk12.org/asdtv. Archived copies of the graduations will be available within a few days of each ceremony on ASD-TV's video-on-demand service. This opportunity is made possible through a partnership with UAA's Journalism and Public Communications Department.


For ceremony dates and times, visit www.asdk12.org/calendar/graduation. Contact the high school to inquire about purchasing a DVD copy of the ceremony.

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