Anchorage School Board provides update on superintendent search


December 17, 2015


Contact: Kameron Perez-Verdia

Anchorage School Board




The Anchorage School Board is launching its search for a new superintendent with the selection of a Superintendent Search Advisory Committee and solicitation of proposals from executive search firms.


School Board President Kameron Perez-Verdia said the advisory committee will create outreach and engagement opportunities to ensure the voices of Anchorage’s diverse community and ASD staff inform the selection process. 


Advisory committee members will convene discussions and conduct surveying to gather perspectives both on the future direction of ASD and desired characteristics, skills and experience of the next superintendent.


“We’re excited about the range of perspective the advisory committee will bring to our search process,” said Perez-Verdia. “Most members have been identified through recommendations by community organizations and staff groups. The board is pleased these individuals are willing to serve on the committee and support the search process.”


Committee members include:*

  • Jerry Covey (co-chair) - former Alaska education commissioner
  • Sven Gustafson (co-chair) - Middle school principal
  • Kali Spencer - High school student
  • Candy Jo Bracken - Parent organization
  • Sharon Baker - organized labor
  • Jessica Cook - Elementary school teacher
  • Lee Butterfield – High school teacher
  • Julie Anderson - Anchorage business leader
  • Susan Anderson - non-profit philanthropy
  • Dave Kuiper - former pastor
  • Charlea Allen - multicultural advisory group


Additionally, the board plans to contract with a national executive search firm to find qualified candidates for the superintendent position with the contract award to be announced on January 21st. Perez-Verdia said the board will work with the Alaska Association of School Boards (AASB) to ensure that all qualified and interested candidates within Alaska are identified.  


Once a search firm has been selected, a search timeline will be finalized which will include opportunities for the community to meet the final candidates. The advisory committee will assist the board in gathering community and staff input into the final selection.


Updates on the search process will be available at




*Descriptions were changed to reflect committee members' representations of specific areas rather than specific places of employment.

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