ASD principals take top honors


April 10, 2013


The following news release is shared on behalf of the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals. Congratulations to Romig’s Sven Gustafson for being named the Alaska Middle School Principal of the Year and Bartlett’s Dan Gallego for being named the Alaska High School Principal of the Year.


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The Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals has selected Sven Gustafson, Principal of Romig Middle School as the 2013 Alaska Middle School Principal of the Year, and Dan Gallego, Principal of Bartlett High School as the 2013 Alaska High School Principal of the Year.


Gustafson received his BA in Industrial Arts from Adam’s State College in 1992, and his M.Ed. in Educational leadership from UAA in 2001. He was chosen as Teacher of the Year at Central Middle School in 2002, and has served as principal of Romig MS since 2008. Prior to that he served as assistant principal at Clark MS (2002-04), Romig MS (2004-05) and Gruening MS (2005-07). Professionally Gustafson has served as Assistant Principal at Large and Region IV Director on the AASP Board of Directors, and has mentored numerous aspiring principals.


Some of the accomplishments under Gustafson’s leadership are developing a standards- based technology infused program (JAVA) for under achieving students, integrated second language Spanish immersion program into course offerings, doubled the size of the Gifted and Talented program, increased the number of career and technology offerings for students, developed an SEL action plan for the school, and developed a School-Business Partnership program that did not previously exist. He has accomplished this while being one of the most diverse student populations in the district with near 30% transiency.


Gustafson is highly respected by the staff at Romig, who cites the priority he gives to the interests and welfare of students in his school, developing effective learning opportunities for his students and his laser focus on improving student performance. Gustafson is visible to his students, engaged with them in student forums, which illustrates his belief that developing relationships is key to a successful school. He has been successful in making sure every student and their family feels welcome from the outset when students enter the school as seventh graders. His success turning school climate into a learning community, unity, security and pride was key to his selection as MS Principal of the Year.


Gallego received his BA in Education from Humboldt State University in 1973, and holds a M.Ed. from Humboldt (1974) and St. Mary’s College (1983). Gallego has served as principal at Bartlett HS since 2006. Prior to that he served as a K-12 principal at Tri-Valley School in Healy, AK, and then as Assistant Principal at Bartlett HS (2005-06). Professionally Gallego has served as Region II Director on the AASSP Board of Directors and on the Anchorage School District Business Partnership Board of Directors.


Gallego’s success introducing and developing Bartlett into Smaller Learning Communities was key to his selection. Other accomplishments under his leadership include creating opportunities for students by developing a Freshman Academy, Health Academy, Construction and Engineering Academy and an Integrated Honors program.


Gallego’s peers cite the priority he gives to his own professional development, as well as that of his staff. His encouragement to institute a Faculty Forum has led to fostering a positive collaborative environment in which staff members work together to promote student learning. Those who nominated Gallego also cited his visibility as a school leader and his focus on implementing the school’s mission while meeting the interests and needs of his students.


Gustafson and Gallego are now eligible for consideration as 2013 MetLife/NASSP National MS and HS Principal of the Year. Each will attend the NASSP Principal’s Institute and Awards Gala on September 18-21, 2013 in Washington, D.C where all state Principals of the Year will share their expertise among peers and national leaders in education.


Alaska Principal of the Year recognition is based on performance of outstanding leadership for providing high-quality learning opportunities for students. State honorees are selected based on how well they have demonstrated leadership excellence in four areas of the Breaking Ranks Framework: Personal Excellence, Collaborative Leadership, Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment, and Personalization.







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