ASD statement on state education funding


June 29, 2016



Contact: Heidi Embley
ASD Communications Department
Phone: 907-742-4158


The Governor’s vetoes put forward today reduce state funding to ASD by about $5.4 million, with a true impact of about $4 million to the district’s General and Transportation funds as well as associated grants.


“We understand there will be adjustments statewide as we move forward and address Alaska's revenue crisis, however we are disappointed that K-12 funding was cut in the 11th hour. Our schools are closed for the summer and our staffing contracts were set in May, as required by state law. We are working through our contingency plans to ensure our budget adjustments caused by these vetoes will keep us focused on student learning and meeting students’ needs. We are always going to do our best for students,” said Dr. Deena Paramo, ASD Superintendent.


“The board has acted conservatively in its budget decisions due to the state's funding uncertainties. Moving forward, the board and superintendent are committed to making decisions in students' best interests in order to receive a high-quality education," said Tam Agosti-Gisler, Anchorage School Board President.


The district is still assessing the additional impact caused by the reduction to the debt reimbursement program. ASD is in contact with the municipality to address the 25 percent reduction to state debt reimbursement, which is more than $11 million in previously approved school bonds. Transportation funding, as outlined in HB 120 (2013) to address the cost of doing business in the state, sunsets tomorrow. The district already is supplementing transportation costs from its general operating budget, making this veto a significant financial impact to the district's efforts of getting students to and from school.

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