ASD Students Participate in Alaska World Affairs Council Program


October 31, 2017


Alaska World Affairs Council student participants "Thank you for encouraging administrators, educators, and students to come to Alaska World Affairs Council programs," wrote Lise Falskow, Executive Director, AWAC. "Despite Friday being an in-service day," she said, "approximately 60 students chose to come on their own accord to listen to this program instead of sleep in."


Also in attendance at the Friday event was Chip Abolafia, ASD social studies curriculum coordinator, and teacher, Cathy Campbell, whom Falskow called, "…an amazing and inspiring teacher who strongly encouraged her students from Eagle River High School to come." The AWAC event featured Ambassador John Negroponte. Ambassador Negroponte spoke about "America’s Foreign Policy in a World of Turmoil." A distinguished career diplomat, Negroponte service twice on the National Security Council staff, first as Director for Vietnam in the Nixon Administration and then as deputy National Security Advisor under President Reagan. He also held a cabinet level position as the first Direction of National Intelligence under President George W. Bush. His most recent appointment was as Deputy Secretary of State, where he served as the State Department’s Chief Operating Officer.

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