ASD to participate in national earthquake preparedness drill


October 12, 2015


Contact: Heidi Embley

ASD Communications

Phone: (907) 742-4158




UPDATE 10/23/2015

The Anchorage School District successfully participated in the Great ShakeOut. The event met the requirements for our schools to practice Duck-Cover-Hold emergency procedures.


  • 98 Schools and programs participated in the districtwide drill
  • 49,971 students, staff and school guests participated



ASD will join thousands of schools across the United States and worldwide in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drill. Every ASD school will participate in the emergency preparedness exercise at 10 a.m. on October 15.


“Student safety is our top priority and this drill is one example of that commitment,” said Superintendent Ed Graff. “A natural disaster is something we don’t like to think about but we must be prepared for in Alaska.”


All ASD schools have an emergency action plan and practice a series of emergency preparedness drills throughout the school year.


  • Duck-cover-hold (earthquake): monthly in elementary schools; twice a year in middle and high schools
  • Evacuation (fire): monthly in all schools
  • Lockdown or stay-put: quarterly in all schools
  • Shelter-in-place: once per school year


Additionally, ASD has 22 schools across the municipality that are designated as shelter sites. In the event of an emergency, the shelter sites have alternative power sources and enough supplies to last up to three days.



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