ASD weather update


November 2, 2015


UPDATE November 3

All schools are open and on schedule this morning.




UPDATE 12:50 p.m.

Early this morning, ASD Transportation staff drove many roads around town and deemed them passable. Following conversations with Anchorage Police, district facilities and grounds staff and the National Weather Service, it was determined at 4:30 a.m. to keep schools open today. As the morning commute began, traffic slowed down significantly. The snow on the roads packed down and became icy, causing further delays and some temporary road closures.


Students, staff and buses were running late as many of them became stuck in traffic, some were more than an hour late to school while other families chose to return home for the day.


We live in a winter city and should expect various types of road conditions. It’s always a tough decision regarding school closures but student and staff safety is our primary consideration. I apologize for the confusion this caused families in our community. We should have done a better job in communicating with parents, particularly about late bus routes. We will develop a better plan to ensure the situation with bus routes doesn’t repeat itself. My staff is learning from today’s situation.


Decisions around school closures are made with the best information we have at the time. If in the future, you do not feel conditions are safe near your home, I encourage you to make a decision that best fits your family. If you do choose to keep your children home on inclement weather days when schools remain open, I ask that you contact your child’s school and we will excuse that absence.


Please drive safely.


Ed Graff




All ASD-sponsored after-school activities, including 21st Century Community Learning Centers, are canceled today, Nov. 2, due to road conditions. Buildings will remain open for groups scheduled to rent ASD facilities. Those activities will be held at the renter's discretion.


Parents who chose to keep their child home from school today are encouraged to contact the school and it will be marked as an excused absence.


Many buses were significantly late this morning due to slow traffic conditions and road closures on the hillside. All students have arrived safety to school. We apologize for delays in communication to parents of bus riders.


The school board meeting scheduled for today will continue.


For more information about ASD closures, visit our closures page.

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