District and teacher’s union reach tentative agreement


August 14, 2013



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District and teacher’s union reach tentative agreement

Proposed three year contract to be voted on next week


The Anchorage School District and Anchorage Education Association have reached a tentative agreement on a three-year contract that extends through June 30, 2016. The current contract, which covers approximately 3,500 employees, expired on June 30.


“I am encouraged that we will start the school year with a contract that helps us retain and recruit the best-qualified teachers for our students,” said Anchorage School Board President Tam Agosti-Gisler.


“I feel this tentative agreement shows commitment by ASD during challenging economic times,” said Anchorage Education Association President Andy Holleman. “Members of both bargaining teams looked to make the contract more clear and less expensive for the district where we could, while still bringing value to our members for the work they do in the schools.”


The tentative agreement includes the following highlights:


Salary increases

  • Step movement, educational attainment and salary increase of 1 percent for each of three years
  • $1,500 bonus in years one and three
  • Members on a plan for improvement will be ineligible for step movement or increases for educational attainment

District health insurance contributions

  • $1,465 per month in year one and $1,540 per month in years two and three
  • Health insurance eligibility will increase from .50 to .75 FTE in year two
  • In year three, the district will no longer be required to make health insurance contributions for members waiving health coverage

Leave and work hours

  • Personal leave will increase from 2.5 to three days per school year
  • An additional 30 minutes per week will be dedicated to professional development.


The proposed salary increases are in line with other negotiated contracts for ASD employees.


Negotiations for a new contract began in February. By law, the district can enter into labor contracts with a maximum three-year duration.


AEA members will vote whether to ratify the contract proposal Aug. 24-26. If approved, it will be presented to the Anchorage School Board for final approval at its Sept. 9 meeting.


The tentative agreement is available for review on the ASD website at http://www.asdk12.org/contractadmin/.



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