District moving to online lottery system


February 5, 2013



For help with the online lottery system, contact the school or program to which you are applying.


District moving to online lottery system

Parents can now submit lottery applications electronically


Beginning this year, ASD is moving to an online lottery system. The new online system is easy to use and delivers a fair, transparent and centralized lottery solution. This electronic system will produce randomly selected student lists that have been organized and ranked according to the district’s lottery policy. It's important to note that the district is not changing its lottery policy, just implementing a new online system.


"This new online system creates a more streamlined approach to our lottery process," said Superintendent of Schools Jim Browder. "Parents will no longer have to drive to multiple schools to submit lottery application and they will also be able to monitor the status of their application online."


Parents can log in to the online lottery system through their existing Zangle accounts or by creating an account in the online lottery system. They also have the option to apply and check the status of their application on mobile devices. For more information about how to use the new online system, frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions, visit www.asdk12.org/choices/lottery/.


Not all schools and programs are participating in the spring 2013 online lottery. A list of participating schools is available at the link above, along with instructions for how to complete paper forms for non-participating schools. All schools and programs will be participating in the August 2013 online lottery.



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