Drivers Encouraged to Exercise Additional Caution around School Buses


January 23, 2017





School bus with dented front The Anchorage School District is asking the community to drive cautiously, particularly around school buses, following a string of collisions involving school buses.


Since Dec. 12, there have been 10 accidents where privately owned vehicles have collided with school buses. In each instance, no students were injured and the driver of the private vehicle was at fault for the accident.


“We all are busy and have somewhere we need to be. But we need to watch out for each other, drive safely, and make sure we get to our destinations in one piece. Giving yourself extra time on the road will help our community – and our students – stay safe,” said Dr. Deena Paramo, ASD Superintendent. 


Drivers are encouraged to stay at least two car lengths behind school buses in good weather. In bad weather, drivers should increase that to four car lengths. If drivers are less than two car lengths behind a bus, the bus driver will not be able to see the vehicle in his/her rear-view mirror.


All District buses are equipped with automatic tire chains and drivers put on manual chains as road conditions dictate. Not all road conditions within the Municipality of Anchorage are the same so some bus routes use chains more than others.


Collisions involving ASD school buses, occurring between Dec. 12 and Jan. 23, are as follows:


Date/TimeLocationStudents on Board?Preventable by Bus Driver? Description Bus Damages Carrier 


7:17 a.m.
Dimond & Minnesota off-ramp No No Privately-owned vehicle (POV) ran a red light $4,000 Reliant


7:41 a.m.
Malibu & Aspen Yes; no injury No While bus was loading students, a car rolled forward when the driver of a POV took her foot off the brake, bumping the bus < $500 ASD


5:52 a.m.
Old Glenn Highway No No Moose ran in front of bus, hitting the right front corner $8,000 Reliant


2:35 p.m.
Boniface at E. 34th Avenue   No Bus struck in intersection by POV which slid through intersection $3,500 ASD


8:17 a.m.
Lake Otis at 62nd Ave Yes; no injury No Bus struck from behind by POV at traffic light None Reliant


1:50 p.m.
West 88th Avenue at Arlene Street Yes; no injury No Bus struck by POV which ran stop sign $1,200 Reliant


4:05 p.m.
1082 West 26th Avenue Yes; no injury No Bus struck by impatient driver at a student stop $1,000 Reliant


2:21 p.m.
Northern Lights at Boniface Yes; no injury No Bus rear-ended at stop light by POV TBD ASD


7:30 a.m.
South High School Yes; no injury No While stopped at stop sign, bus was struck by a POV  TBD Reliant


7:53 a.m.
Commercial Drive at Reeves Boulevard Yes; no student injury No Bus was struck twice when a POV was struck by another POV TBD ASD


“All bus drivers are required to undergo 40 hours of training before getting behind the wheel. Additionally, they participate in monthly safety meetings with pertinent topics to keep our staff sharp on the roads,” said Chuck Moore, Senior Director of ASD Transportation. “I’m proud of our drivers and attendants who do everything in their ability to get our students to and from school as safely as possible. At this time of year, we ask other drivers to slow down and expand their following distances to build a safety cushion around the bus.”


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