Farm to School—Alaska Grown in ASD


November 15, 2017


Andy Mergens, Senior Director, Student Nutrition, says that ASD has made test production runs using the products from the VanderWeele Farm in Palmer. “We’ve served the limited run in a few schools,” said Mergens, “the feedback is almost 100% positive that the home-grown/homemade ‘taters are a far superior product to the dehydrated potato flakes we’ve used in the past.” Reporting that ASD Student Nutrition is on the verge of going to full scale production, Mergens says he expects to use almost all the homemade mashed potatoes. “In addition,” he said, “we’ve done the preliminary math. Not only are the homemade potatos better tasting, they’re cheaper per serving to make.”


October is National Farm to School Month and Anchorage School District made a potato run during October! More about the program at FTS, Farm to School Program Alaska statute was signed in May 2010 HB70, Palmer High School, Representative Carl Gatto, sponsor, and then Governor Sean Parnell.


Mergens says that he plans to serve the full production run for the Thanksgiving meal for schools on November 21.

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