First Day Message from Superintendent


August 21, 2017


As we started this first day of the new school year, I have been reminded once again of the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm of our students, staff, and community in ASD. Thank you for supporting strong public schools.


Please know, the Anchorage School District is committed to being a place of safety and acceptance for all. One in five Anchorage residents come through the doors of ASD schools and facilities each day, either as a student or employee. We are committed to attitudes that condemn racism and violence which have made the news headlines. We are also committed to actions which demonstrate acceptance of all peoples and children from all cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions. As one of the most diverse school districts in the nation, we are proud of our city and schools.


With the beginning of a new school year, we want to reassure our students and families that they can feel safe and find a place where learning is the focus. The School Board and Administration are committed to sustaining positive school climates where students come together and respect themselves as well as those who are different from themselves.


Using the tools of integrity, students and staff thrive in wholeness. We want our message and our District to be undivided in its focus, its mission, and its outcomes. Celebrating more than 48,000 students, ASD opens its doors with acceptance, dedication, and combined mission to be the very best we can be.

Anchorage School District website accessibility and nondiscrimination notice. The Anchorage School District is an equal opportunity provider.