German camp celebrates 40th year


November 21, 2012


The following news release is shared on behalf of ASD’s German teachers.


November 21, 2012

Fauna Reynvaan
Service High School


'Lager Nordlicht' German immersion camp celebrates 40th year


Anchorage School District German teachers organized and taught a German language immersion weekend for German students from various ASD schools called Lager Nordlicht. Lager Nordlicht is German for Northern Lights Camp. The event took place last weekend and was organized and led by Will Kimball of West High School, with more than 70 students in attendance. Students and staff are required to speak in German for the entire weekend.


Lager Nordlicht began Friday evening with games, live music and dancing. On Saturday, six mini-courses were led by German teachers Elizabeth Dick of South High School; Barbara DuBois of Dimond High School; Jennifer Doerry of Eagle River High School; Kelly Hughes of Bartlett High School; Will Kimball of West High School; Tobias Radke of Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences; Fauna Reynvaan of Service High School; Kristi Senden of Chugiak High School; and Matt Spence, an intern at East High School. Additional staff included Lucia Woofter of Northern Lights ABC Elementary School and Hanshew Middle School; Markus Doerry of Eagle River High School; and Robert, Esquire and Hunter Woofter.


This year's theme was the Olympic Games. Students participated in a decathlon; learned about famous Olympian Jesse Owens; made hats to represent their Olympic country; baked Lebkuchen hearts in the shape of Olympic medals; went Wandern (hiking) for treasure; and decorated t-shirts. Students learned German table etiquette as they enjoyed a luncheon of bratwurst, goulash and sauerkraut soup. The camp ended with students performing the national anthem of their country.


Lager Nordlicht is the longest running foreign language retreat in the country. This year marked the 40th year, which was founded by Jo Sanders, who taught at Bartlett High School and founded the Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences.





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